Event Help Guide
If you are experiencing problems viewing or listening to an event, please review the following minimum requirements and frequently asked questions.

Minimum Requirements
Supported System Configurations
Media Players
Internet Browsers
Internet Connection
Cookies and JavaScript
Java Virtual Machine

Test Your System
Click here to test your system if it meets the minimum requirements

The Audience URL in the confirmation email didn't work.
I am prompted to register again even if I already registered for the event
I keep receiving an error message stating that the form is missing information or I am entering an invalid e-mail address when I register.
Can I access the event from a different computer than the one I registered from?
I am asked for a password when I try to view the event
I can't get back to the registration page!
Pressing the "Launch Presentation" button doesn't do anything
I received a message that the event is not currently available.
I receive an "HTTP not found" error message.
The sound works continuously, but the video freezes.
The media player automatically stops or it continually stops and rebuffers
I can't hear anything (or the sound is very faint or choppy)
I can access the event, but I cannot view the slides or the slides are not flipping.
My computer crashes when I try to access the event
I can see the video but I can't hear anything (or the sound is very faint or choppy)
I can't see the test video.
I can see the test video but I can't see the event video.
The video is choppy
I cannot view the Desktop Presentation portion of the Event, and am getting a 'Java Not Found' Error
I cannot hear the audio in a Live Demo Webcast (that includes a Desktop Presentation)