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June 2011
Welcome to the IFRS Translations Update

This update is a regular publication aimed at reaching the IFRS translation community with pertinent news and information.

This newsletter, and any news alerts will also be available to view in the translation section of our website.


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For any questions or comments please contact:

Leilani Macdonald
Manager IFRS Translation
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Makeover of the Translation section in our online shop

We have recently launched a new comprehensive Translation section in our online shop. Go straight to this page if you are looking for information on IFRS translations in any of the languages we support.

Click on any language and you can view the relevant publications for that language, and from there navigate through the product descriptions, register your interest and access the electronic version (where available) through your eIFRS Subscription. You can also access our publishing partners’ websites and contact details directly. Alternatively, our Available Translations page contains the latest information on current and expected IFRS publications in all languages.

Recently published and forthcoming publications

We are pleased to announce that the Spanish translation of the 2011 Red Book of International Financial Reporting Standards will be available from our webshop in June. Click here to register your interest.

Since our last edition, recent releases include:
  • German and Brazilian Portuguese translations of the 2010 Red Book of International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Russian translation of both the 2011 IFRS Requirements and the IFRS for SMEs Requirements

Other publications coming soon include:
  • Romanian translation of the 2011 Red Book of International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Georgian translation of the 2010 Red Book of International Financial Reporting Standards

The translations of the IFRS for SMEs in Serbian, Polish, Khmer and Mongolian are expected to be available during the third quarter of 2011.

This IFRS for SMEs page contains a summary of non-English resources relating to IFRS for SMEs. The Spanish and Turkish translations of all 23 issued IFRS for SMEs training modules are now complete and available on our website, and the Russian and Arabic translations are expected to be available on our website soon.

The IFRS Translation team

In May, we welcomed Translation Team Leader, Leilani Macdonald, back from maternity leave. The languages that each team member deals with remain unchanged and are listed below. If you have any queries or need information about languages not listed below, please contact Leilani Macdonald.

Lorida Tieri French, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Serbian, Albanian, Korean, Macedonian, Turkish
Clare McGuinness Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Polish, Finnish, Slovak, Hungarian, Czech, Norwegian, Icelandic, Vietnamese, Hindi, Indonesian
James Langridge German, Japanese, Russian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Turkmen, Belarusian, Uzbek, Romanian, Azeri, Armenian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Latvian, Swedish
Isabella Nordio Croatian, Georgian, Khmer, Lithuanian, Mongolian


The IFRS Foundation wishes to support countries that are adopting IFRSs as law, and we can help put the appropriate documentation and contracts in place to support this process. If you are involved in implementing IFRSs as law in your country, please contact either Ken Creighton or Leilani Macdonald to discuss how we can support you in this process.

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